Argentina vs Saudi Arabia Highlights : FIFA World Cup 2022

Argentina vs Saudi Arabia Highlights : FIFA World Cup 2022 Hello friends, today FIFA World Cup 2022 group stage C match will tell about the exciting match of Argentina vs Saudi Arabia.

14:40 :- Welcome to our live coverage of the FIFA World Cup match between ARGENITINA and SAUDI ARABIA. The live action will start at 3:30 PM

Argentina vs Saudi Arabia Highlights

15:02:- Argentina v Saudi Arabia:  Lionel Messi starts Lionel Messi starts on the right wing for Argentina. Here's the line-up:
ARGENTINA PLAYING XI: Martinez, Molina, Romero, Otamendi, Tagliafico, De Paul, Paredes, Papu Gomez; Messi, Martinez, Di Maria
SAUDI ARABIA XI: Yasir, Ali Al Bulayhi, Hassan, Saud Abdulhamid; Salman, Salem, Kanno, Abdulelah, Feras; Saleh Al Shehri

FIFA World Cup LIVE: Recent Results(15:02 IST)

Argentina are coming into the match having won their past 5 matches. Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, have only won one of their past 5 matches. La Albiceleste start as outright favourites.

FIFA World Cup: Is Qatar World Cup Argentina’s to lose? (15:20 IST)

Having won both the 2021 Copa América and the 2022 Finalissma titles, Argentina start the 2022 FIFA World Cup as one of the top favourites. But, the road ahead won’t be as easy for them this time.

Argentina vs Saudi Arabia: Moments away from kick-off (15:28 IST)

We are just moments away from seeing Argentina begin their 2022 FIFA World Cup journey in Qatar. Saudi Arabia would need to pull off something historic if they are to deny Lionel Messi’s team a victory today.

Argentina vs Saudi Arabia: Lionel Messi denied (15:34 IST)

Lionel Messi with a chance so early in the game. But, the Saudi Arabia goalkeeper thwarts his effort that was on target. The score remains 0-0 for the moment.

FIFA World Cup LIVE: Penalty for Argentina (15:39 IST )

VAR intervenes and Argentina are awarded a penalty so early in the game. It’s time for Lionel Messi to open his goalscoring account in Qatar.

Argentina vs Saudi Arabia: GOAL (15:42 IST)

Lionel Messi opens the scoring for Argentina from the spot. VAR had to intervene to award La Albiceleste a spot-kick. Messi made no mistake from 12-yard distance.

Qatar World Cup LIVE: Saudi Arabia’s move breaks down (15:50 IST )

Saudi Arabia looked to build an attack from Saud Abdulhamid but his pass was intercepted by Emiliano Martinez and the move broke down.

FIFA World Cup LIVE: Messi with almost a second (15:54 IST)

Lionel Messi seemed to have scored his and Argentina’s second goal but the flag soon came up, dismissing the goal for OFFSIDE. Earlier, having scored the first goal, Messi had become the second-oldest player to score for Argentina in a World Cup.

FIFA World Cup: Different year, same Lionel Messi (15:58 IST )

It is for the 4th time in a FIFA World Cup that Lionel Messi has scored. He had opened his account in 2006 but couldn’t keep the streak going in 2010. But, he did score in 2014 and 2018.

Argentina vs Saudi Arabia: Lautaro Martinez offside (16:00 IST)

Lautaro Martinez almost doubled Argentina’s lead with a beautiful lob over the goalkeeper. But, VAR intervened again, suggesting Martinez was offside. Hence, the goal was chalked off.

Argentina vs Saudi Arabia LIVE: Lautaro Martinez offside again (16:07 IST)

Argentina striker Lautaro Martinez put the ball in the back of the net but the offside flag denied him this goal as well. The Inter Milan striker has been denied two goals so far.

FIFA World Cup LIVE: Argentina lead 1-0 at half-time (16:22 IST)

Argentina could’ve been 3-0 or 4-0 up but offside calls kept coming in their way, chalking off goals. They might need to up the intensity a little in the second-half as a 1-0 lead is never comfortable. 

Qatar World Cup: New record for Messi (16:30 IST)

RECORD ALERT| With his first-half strike, Lionel Messi has become the first player to score in four different World Cup tournaments for Argentina. 

FIFA World Cup LIVE: Saudi Arabia score 2nd (16:47 IST)

Saudi Arabia are showing the world that they aren’t inferior to anyone. A brilliant Salem Al Dawsari dazzles past 3-4 Argentinian defenders to put the ball past Martinez, into the top-right corner. Absolutely stunning scenes.

FIFA World Cup LIVE: More pressure from Argentina (17:07 IST)

Argentina constantly building pressure in the search of a goal scoring chance. But, the Saudi Arabia defence has done a stupendous job so far. The hunt goes on!

FIFA World Cup LIVE: Argentina running out of time (17:22 IST)

More bookings in the final moments of the game. Saudi Arabia even substituting the substitute Nawaf Al Abed. Only a few minutes to go before the injury time kick-in.

FIFA World Cup LIVE: Saudi Arabia giving absolutely everything (17:25 IST)

Saudi Arabia are putting bodies on the line to ensure that they keep the 1-goal lead. Argentina are frustrated with the lack of clear chances.

FIFA World Cup Live: Saudi Arabia win (17:37 IST)

What a match and what a result! Saudi Arabia stun Argentina 2-1. The worst possible start for Lionel Messi and his team! 

Saudi Arabia have done the unthinkable! 

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