IPL 2023 Schedule, Player List, Venue

This time IPL 2023 is going to be the 16th edition ( TATA IPL 2023 Schedule ) which is going to happen from 25th March to 28th May, to see the matches dates and fixtures of IPL 2023 you will be told by me as well as through official website IPL can be stopped, Vivo had sponsor for the last few years but from now on Tata has taken the initiative to sponsor itself, in IPL 2023 instead of 8, 10 teams are going to enter. And this time there can be a possibility of IPL for women along with men. So let’s know in detail which teams will play in the 16th edition of IPL 2023.

TATA IPL 2023 Schedule

The 16th season of IPL 2023 is going to start from 25 March till 28 May and this time a total of 10 teams are going to participate in the tournament, this time a total of 74 matches are to be held and in this article we are going to provide you the time table of IPL 2023. have been From where you will be able to watch all the IPL matches live, we are going to cover all this in this article.


TATA IPL 2023 Schedule

IPL 2023 Schedule

ipl schedule 2023

ipl schedule 2023

ipl schedule 2023


The number of total teams in the 16th edition of IPL 2023 is 10. The team list and team captain names are as follows –

S.N    Indian Premier League ( IPL) Team    IPL  Team  Captain
1   Rajasthan Royals  ( RR )    Sanju  Samson
2   Chennai  Super Kings ( CSK )    Mahendra Singh Dhoni
3   Mumbai  Indians  (MI )    Rohit Shrama
4   Punjab Kings  ( PBSK )    Mayank Agrawal
5   Delhi  Capitals ( DC )    Rishabh Pant
6   Kolkata Knight Riders ( KKR )    Shreyas Iyer
7  Royal Challengers Banglore ( RCB )    Faf Du Plesis
8  Sunrise Hyderabad  ( SRH )   Kane Williamson
9  Gujarat Titans  ( GT )    Hardik Pandya
10  Lucknow Super Joints  ( LSG )    KL Rahul


Total 74 matches are to be played in the 16th edition of IPL 2023 and the opening ceremony is to be held before the first match which will be held at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. You can check the list and timing of all the matches in the list given below –

Click on this link to watch live : – IPL opening ceremony

125-Mar-2023 (Sunday)7:30 PMKKR vs CSKNarendra Modi Stadium,Ahmedabad
226-Mar-20237:30 PMMI vs DCArun Jaitley Stadium,New Delhi
326-Mar-20237:30 PMRCB vs PBKSMA Chidambaram Stadium,Chennai
427-Mar-20237:30 PMLSG vs GTMohali Cricket Stadium
528-Mar-20237:30 PMRR vs SRHRajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium
629-Mar-20237:30 PMKKR vs RCB Sawai Mansingh Stadium,Jaipur
730-Mar-20237:30 PMCSK vs LSGChepauk Stadium
831-Mar-20237:30 PMPBKS vs KKREden Gardens,Kolkata
901-Apr-20237:30 PMRR vs MIWankhede Stadium,Mumbai
1001-Apr-20237:30 PMDC vs GTNarendra Modi Stadium,Ahmedabad
1102-Apr-20237:30 PMPBKS vs CSKM. A. Chidambaram Stadium,Chennai
1203-Apr-20237:30 PMLSG vs SRHRajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium
1304-Apr-20237:30 PMRCB vs RRSawai Mansingh Stadium,Jaipur
1405-Apr-20237:30 PMMI vs KKREden Gardens,Kolkata
1506-Apr-20237:30 PMDC vs LSGEkana Sports City,Lucknow
1607-Apr-20237:30 PMPBKS vs GTMohali Cricket Stadium
1708-Apr-20237:30 PMSRH vs CSKM. A. Chidambaram Stadium,Chennai
1808-Apr-20237:30 PMMI vs RCBEden Gardens,Kolkata
1909-Apr-20237:30 PMDC vs KKRSawai Mansingh Stadium,Jaipur
2009-Apr-20237:30 PMLSG vs RRRajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium
2110-Apr-20237:30 PMGT vs SRHM. A. Chidambaram Stadium,Chennai
2211-Apr-20237:30 PMRCB vs CSKWankhede Stadium,Mumbai
2312-Apr-20237:30 PMPBKS vs MISawai Mansingh Stadium,Jaipur
2413-Apr-20237:30 PMGT vs RRRajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium
2514-Apr-20237:30 PMKKR vs SRHWankhede Stadium,Mumbai
2615-Apr-20237:30 PMLSG vs MIArun Jaitley Stadium,New Delhi
2715-Apr-20237:30 PMRCB vs DCMohali Stadium,Mohali
2816-Apr-20237:30 PMSRH vs PBKHNarendra Modi Stadium,Ahmedabad
2916-Apr-20237:30 PMCSK vs GTSawai Mansingh Stadium,Jaipur
3017-Apr-20237:30 PMKKR vs RREkana Sports City,Lucknow
3118-Apr-20237:30 PMRCB vs LSGArun Jaitley Stadium,New Delhi
3219-Apr-20237:30 PMPBKS vs DCWankhede Stadium,Mumbai
3320-Apr-20237:30 PMCSK vs MIArun Jaitley Stadium,New Delhi
3421-Apr-20237:30 PMRR vs DCEden Gardens,Kolkata
3522-Apr-20237:30 PMGJ vs KKRM. Chinnaswamy Stadium,Karnataka
3622-Apr-20237:30 PMSRH vs RCBEkana Sports City
3723-Apr-20237:30 PMMI vs LSGMohali Stadium,Mohali
3824-Apr-20237:30 PMCSK vs PBKSM. Chinnaswamy Stadium,Karnataka
3925-Apr-20237:30 PMRR vs RCBNarendra Modi Stadium
4026-Apr-20237:30 PMSRH vs GTArun Jaitley Stadium
4127-Apr-20237:30 PMKKR vs GTMohali Stadium,Mohali
4228-Apr-20237:30 PMLSG vs PBKSNarendra Modi Stadium,Ahmedabad
4329-Apr-2302 7:30 PMRCB vs GTSawai Mansingh Stadium,Jaipur
4429-Apr-20237:30 PMMI vs RRArun Jaitley Stadium,New Delhi
4530-Apr-20237:30 PMLSG vs DC Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium
4630-Apr-20237:30 PMCSK vs SRHEden Gardens,Kolkata
4701-May-20237:30 PMRR vs KKRNarendra Modi Stadium
4802-May-20237:30 PMPBKS vs GTM. Chinnaswamy Stadium,Karnataka
4903-May-20237:30 PMCSK vs RCBArun Jaitley Stadium,New Delhi
5004-May-20237:30 PMSRH vs DCNarendra Modi Stadium,Ahmedabad
5105-May-20237:30 PMMI vs GTMohali Stadium,Mohali
5206-May-20237:30 PMRR vs PBKSEkana Sports City
5306-May-20237:30 PMKKR vs LSGFRajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium
5407-May-20237:30 PMRCB vs SRHM. A. Chidambaram Stadium,Chennai
5507-May-20237:30 PMDC vs CSKWankhede Stadium,Mumbai
5608-May-20237:30 PMKKR vs MIEkana Sports City,Lucknow
5709-May-20237:30 PMGT vs LSGSawai Mansingh Stadium,Jaipur
5810-May-20237:30 PMDC vs RRM. A. Chidambaram Stadium,Chennai
5911-May-20237:30 PMMI vs CSKM. Chinnaswamy Stadium,Karnataka
6012-May-20237:30 PMPBKS vs RCBEden Gardens,Kolkata
6113-May-20237:30 PMSRH vs KKRM. A. Chidambaram Stadium,Chennai
6214-May-20237:30 PMGT vs CSKEkana Sports City,Lucknow
6314-May-20237:30 PMRR vs LSGMohali Stadium,Mohali
6415-May-20237:30 PMDC vs PBKS Wankhede Stadium
6516-May-20237:30 PMSRH vs MIEden Gardens,Kolkata
6617-May-20237:30 PMLSG vs KKRM. Chinnaswamy Stadium,Karnataka
6718-May-20237:30 PMGT vs RCBSawai Mansingh Stadium,Jaipur
6819-May-20237:30 PMCSK vs RRWankhede Stadium,Mumbai
6920-May-20237:30 PMDC vs MIRajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium
7021-May-20237:30 PMPBKS vs SRHMohali Stadium,Mohali
71TBD7:30 PMQUALIFIER 1Eden Gardens,Kolkata
72TBD7:30 PMELIMINATORNarendra Modi Stadium,Ahmedabad
73TBD7:30 PMQUALIFIER 2Wankhede Stadium,Mumbai
7428-May-2023 (Sunday)7:30 PMFINALNarendra Modi Stadium,Ahmedabad

TATA IPL 2023 Match Venue

S.NStadium NamePlace
1Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket StadiumHyderabad, Telangana
2M. Chinnaswamy StadiumKarnataka
3Sawai Mansingh StadiumJaipur, Rajasthan
4Inderjit Singh Bindra StadiumMohali, Punjab
5Wankhede StadiumMumbai, Maharashtra
6BRSABV Ekana Cricket StadiumLucknow, Uttar Pradesh
7Eden GardensKolkata, West Bengal
8Narendra Modi StadiumAhmedabad, Gujarat
9Arun Jaitley StadiumNew Delhi, Delhi
10M. A. Chidambaram StadiumChennai, Tamil Nadu

IPL History

The first founder of the IPL was the first chairman and commissioner and ran the tournament from 2008 to 2010. IPL was established on 2008 and Rajasthan Royals team won the first title in 2008 and registered its name record, since then all the players of IPL are continuously included. and the audience liked.

When the IPL 2023 will start?

16th edition of IPL 2023 will be played from 25th March to 28th May with total 74 matches

Will IPL 2023 have 12 teams?

In the 16th edition of IPL 2023, instead of 8 teams, 10 teams will participate in the tournament.

How to book ticket for IPL 2023?

Ans. Friends, if you also want to buy IPL 2023 match tickets, then follow the steps given by us –
Step 1: First of all, visit the official IPL portal – www.iplt20.com or on your device. Step 2: Look for the Book or Buy section and click on it. Step 3: Select the match and date to book tickets. Step 5: Select the stands and seats as per your budget and ticket availability.

How to buy IPL tickets online?

Ans. If you want to book tickets through online mode then you can buy Indian Premier League tickets from various official partners starting from March 2023. The official ticketing partners for TATA IPL 2023 are BookMyShow, Insider.in, TicketGenie, EventsNow and Paytm.

What is VIP box in IPL?

Ans. Friends, VIP box is one of the prestigious box of the stadium. Excellent fare is served in the VIP box. Franchise owners keep their team gifts, flags, masks and other items in this box to cheer for their team.

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