Tracing USA food imports roots to unexpected countries

According to the US Bureau of Economic Analysis Department, in this financial year 2020/21, the US will import $3,387.7 billion USD from other countries, a rise of 27%, or $182.4 billion USD. 

But American food imports were around $151 billion USD out of $3,387.7 billion USD. That is 4% of total imports in the country. America mainly used seaweed for trade food items. 

The main sources of food imports by the USA are sheep, mutton, orange juice, potatoes, mushrooms, bovine cuts, swine hams, fresh fish, lobsters, crabs, canola oil, wheat, maize, oats, barley, maple syrup, grapes, mandarins, poultry, fresh fish fillets, coffee not roasted, pineapples, cocoa beans, water, coffee decaf, bananas, melons, and shrimps.

Australia: sheep meat

With sea root, Australia contributes the most to global mutton exports. Almost 57% of sheep mutton is exported by Australia to the world market, and 25% of wool is sold in the world market. In addition, the United States imports mutton from Australia, meeting approximately 90% of the country’s sheep meat demand. Also, Australia has a lower price than other countries for chicken and pork.

Brazil: orange juice

Brazil became the largest importer of orange juice for Americans, with an increase of 55%. The orange juice crop in Florida has been destroyed due to unexpected reasons, and production has touched its lowest level of all time.

According to market news, in the financial year of 2021/22, the import of Brazilian orange juice was 19%, but in the financial year of 2022/23, the import increased by 55% and reached the highest level of all time at 30%.

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Canada: potatoes and fresh fish

Canada is the largest food export for the US because the US has the longest border sharing with it. The USA has 14.1% of food imports with Canada. Potatoes, mushrooms, potatoes, bovine cuts, swine hams, fresh fish, lobsters, crabs, canola oil, wheat, maize, oats, barley, and maple syrup are the main food items that were imported by the US from Canada. The majority of the items on this list are new because the United States and Canada are linked by roads and borders.

India: shrimps

Indian sea food exports are rapidly increasing, with a 26.7% increase in total exports in fiscal year 2022/23. It happened due to the growth in USA food imports of frozen shrimp. America is the largest shrimp food importer for India. The total value of shrimp imports was around $5481.63 million USD in the financial year 2022–23. India shares overall 41% of shrimp food imports from the USA.

China: apple juice and frozen fish

According to food import data for 2019, around 60 million litres of Chinese apple juice were imported by the USA. That juice is branded by companies such as Great Value, Mott’s, Tree Top, and Minute Maid.
We all know that China is the world’s largest exporter of frozen fish, with $2,806,904.22 million in world exports. China is also a food importer of frozen fish from the USA.

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Costa Rica: pineapples

According to the international trade report of the United Nations COMTRADE Commission, in the financial year 2020/21, trade between Costa Rica and the United States was around $6.26 billion USD. But overall Fruits export was $981.4 Million USD.

Costa Rica is the main importer of bananas and pineapples for the USA. The amount of imported pineapple is approximately 94k tons, which accounts for 90% of the total pineapple market.

Thailand: rice

In the global export market for rice, Thailand has $3.48 billion USD in exports; due to this, Thailand is second after India.

In 2021, Thailand will export rice to various countries, such as the United States with $548 million USD, South Africa with $351 million USD, China with $327 million USD, and Hong Kong with $151 million USD.

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