The FIA is ready to introduce new Formula 1 rules.

The new F1 rules are related to interceptions in the front wings of F1 cars.

With the end of the Italian Grand Prix, the FIA will introduce new rules related to the front wing of Formula 1 races.

FIA is intercepting in rules because many teams used clever strategies in order to adjust their front wings to get advantages.

The FIA issued a notice named "TD018" to F1 teams after the Dutch Grand Prix Formula 1 race, in which the FIA explained how to improve Areo dynamics.

F1 teams make their front wings flexible, which provides an advantage in speed during the Formula 1 race. That method is used by Aston Martin.

During the Dutch Grand Prix Formula 1 race, many F1 teams' front wings were flexible and bent downward on straights, so the speed of the F1 car increased automatically.

Basically, the FIA noticed that so many F1 teams create flexible wings with rare wing elements to get technical benefits.

The FIA is serious about the Front Wing F1 rule. The FIA announced September 8, 2023, as the deadline date to submit a report.

All F1 teams have to submit a report before 8 September. That report is related to drawing with advanced design and the front wing.

FIA will approve all reports after check design and flexibility of Front Wing. Approved F1 team can only participate in Singapore grand prix.