Russia-Ukraine war

Ukrainian drones attacked Russia.

Drones attack six locations in Russia and destroy four cargo planes on the Russia-Ukraine border.

Ukrainian drones did huge damage to Russian cities with four military transport planes. That's another success for Ukraine in a month.

The head of Ukraine's military intelligence said that their drone destroyed four Russian cargo aircraft. These aircraft are named IL-76 cargo.

Pskov is a place where Ukrainian drones attacked Russian IL-76 cargo aircraft, and it is about 500 miles away from the Russia-Ukraine border.

According to Russian broadcast media," Ukrainian drones targeted citizens and the local airport of Pskov that is used by civilians and the military.

The Russian defence ministry countered the incident and explained that all drones were also shot by the military over the region of Moscow, Kaluga.

According to Russia," Pskov is the only region damaged by Ukrainian drones, but three of them were shot by the military in Bryansk.

Russian defence Ministry informed Vladimir Putin about an overnight attack by drones. The ministry replied that Ukraine would publish.

Ukrainian high authorities confirmed that two people had been killed and two injured after the Russian revenge attack.